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Eligibility Requirements

You are eligible to be an OVAL volunteer if you are an alumnus/a (undergraduate or graduate) or parent of a Stanford undergraduate. An understanding of or willingness to learn about Stanford’s unique undergraduate experience is required to engage in OVAL activities.

You are not eligible to participate as an OVAL volunteer if you:

  • Have a child or sibling who is in their last year of high school, whether or not they plan to apply to Stanford

    Each year, a number of volunteers ask if they may remain active while they have a grandchild, niece or nephew who is a high school senior. We ask alumni who have grandchildren, nieces or nephews living in their OVAL chapter to mark themselves as inactive for the year that the student is a high school senior. Should you want to consult on your situation, please contact the Stanford OVAL team.

  • Are a college admission professional (including a high school guidance counselor or independent consultant)

  • Interview for any other undergraduate institution

  • Are engaged in volunteer or professional undergraduate admission activities

    The only approved activity related to admission is writing recommendation letters. Should you write one for a Stanford applicant, please note that you are an OVAL interviewer.

These requirements are designed to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest. By removing any suggestion of improper influence, we are able to create a comfortable environment for both applicants and volunteers, as well as to safeguard the best interests of the University and its candidates for admission.

Volunteers are asked to review and update their eligibility status annually to reflect their circumstances. Eligibility requirements extend to all OVAL activities, not just the optional interview program.

Service as an OVAL volunteer is a privilege and not a right. A volunteer may elect to end participation. The University reserves the right to remove volunteers from program participation.

Updated on August 18, 2020 3:10 PM